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Author Topic: Rules  (Read 24749 times)


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« on: October 14, 2017, 08:22:43 AM »

Here are a list of Allowed And Not Allowed In Chat Room
Not Allowed In OnlinePalChat
DO Stay fully clothed on your webcam, if not you might get removed.
Never annoy anyone in the room
DO NOT Use capital letters in the room, this is equivalent to shouting
DO NOT Scroll the chat room with blank lines of text
Not Use offensive words, C*** word will get you an immediate ban
DO NOT Put your email on the main chat screen or put website addresses or URLís in the main room, Chat Rooms is not For email exchange
Never Stalk people on the room. Not only is this offensive but itís also quite intimidating for the person begin stalked and will not be tolerated.
Donít Treat people any different to how you would treat someone in a real-life situation
DO NOT Room hop
Never Log into the site go through all the rooms and not see the person you are looking for then log straight out. This is a stalking method and will not be tolerated and will result in a ban
Not Change your name in the newbieís room, as it can be confusing.
DO NOT Use white colored text

Allowed In OnlinePalChat

You may exchange personal details in private, but this is at your own risk.
Do Use common sense when chatting to other people
Always CHAT thatís what the room is here for
Talk in private, once you have asked someone permission
Take Notice of Admin and Hosts, failure to do so will result in removal from the room
DO Come in have a laugh and have fun thatís the whole reason for Chat Online Free being here to have FUN.
For your own safety do not give out any personal information in chat rooms to anyone especially if you donít know this person, this includes email addresses phone numbers. Anyone found giving them out will be removed from the chat room for their own protection.
When you enter the chat room you should notice that some names in the room are a different color to other chatters.
The names in Black are Super Admin Red are Admins and those in GREEN are Mods. These are here for your safety and will not tolerate any abuse whatsoever, either to themselves or to others.
Admins and Mods are here to ensure there is no abuse in the room, they are not here for your entertainment or to be argued with, their decision is FINAL.
RED ADMIN Ė The people whose name is in Red in the room are ADMIN, these are here to keep track of peopleís movements within the chat, watch out for underage people, to kick and ban people for persistent rule breaking if necessary. They are not here to chat in private so donít ask. They are here to help and if you have any problems and they may talk to you in private to discuss them. Ignoring admin will result in getting kicked out of the chat room.
Green Mods Ė The people whose name is in GREEN are Mods responsible for keeping an eye on the chat room and keeping the chat room moving and kicking people who are behaving inappropriately. They are not here to chat in private so donít ask. They are here to help and if you have any problems and they may talk to you in private to discuss them. Ignoring hosts will result in you being kicked.
If you donít want to use OnlinePalChat which is a clean chat site please use another site, there are 1000s of websites out there catering for everyoneís tastes and needs.
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